Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mountain Biking in Eco Paradise

Wheeww! What a Sunday it was! The total distance – 54.4km, so far the longest distance I have covered with my  30 speed entry-level Merida mountain bike. Not a big feat at all for the more seasoned bikers, but it is still an achievement for me, an old weekend warrior. The toughest part is the 12 km uphill ride to Fraser’s Hill in Pahang, about 60km from the state capital of Kuala Lumpur, a popular weekend hill retreat 1220m above sea level. I was with a group of 8 mountain bike riders who took off from the Ulu Yam Dam, another popular picnic spot among the locals.

A common sight on most weekends at Bukit Kiara Urban Trails

Cycling is fast becoming one of the favourite activities for Malaysians. International cycling events like Le tour de Langkawi (LTDL) and the most recent one, Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge (LIMBC), which is on its third year running, have been successfully organized in Malaysia. Numerous local events for both road and mountain bikers have been filling the cycling events calendar for the whole year of 2013.

Tourism Malaysia, the government tourism agency has played a significant role in further promoting the cycling events and activities by coming up with the Cuti-Cuti 1 Malaysia Sunday Bike Ride (Cuti-Cuti means Holiday in Bahasa Malaysia). The family/community events are held in various towns and cities all over Malaysia and are sometimes joined by the minister herself. The activities are very well received by Malaysians from all walks of life as demonstrated by the large number of turnouts.

For travellers  who plan to add cycling activities on their travel itineraries, there are a number of travel agencies that offer cycling packages that ranges from light and easy sightseeing to the more challenging and extreme for the serious bikers. For a start you hardly have to leave Kuala Lumpur to experience great mountain biking. The city nature reserves and country surrounding the Malaysia capital offer plenty of activities for days out on a mountain bike. There are gentle rides through bamboo forests and beside reservoirs and intense hill climbs – you choose the pace. For a jungle workout on Kuala Lumpur’s mountain biking trails start at Kampung Kemensah behind Malaysia’s National Zoo in Ulu Klang and ride across the hills to the Sungai Chongkak recreational area. This is a 14-kilometre ride with plenty of single track through the jungle. If you’re just looking for a day out riding in natural surroundings head for the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong. There is a range of routes among shady rainforest trees and along winding road climbs. The Bukit Kiara Urban Trails is a park for runners and bikers with a number of technically challenging single-track trails.

Foreign MTB riders challenging the tough terrains of Sabah

Other exciting mountain bike trails can also be found on the fringes of Kuala Lumpur. In Cameron Highlands, the most popular highland holiday destination in Malaysia, fresh air and beautiful scenery greets eager mountain bikers to experience its 47km loop route that will take them through the Bertam Valley, Boh Tea Plantations and an orang asli settlement, partly on tarmac roads and partly on rough double track. The island of Langkawi and Sabah, in the Malaysian Borneo also have their unique offerings to the serious mountain bikers. Langkawi’s cycling route will take you through the beautiful lush rainforest and paradise island landscapes. It’s an opportunity to be part of a unique mountain biking experience in a protected natural environment. The ultimate challenge for mountain bikers in Sabah is the circumnavigation of Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Southeast Asia. This takes around five days, depending on side trips and is advised to be attempted with a support crew.

Cycling is one of the best way to explore Malaysia
So for all the mountain bikers out there, whether you are up for a serious and extreme challenge or just a recreational cyclist, please mark Malaysia as your next travel destination. We definitely have a lot to offer. 

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  1. When is the coming cycling event in Malaysia?

    1. Thnx for reading my blog. U can find details of the upcoming mtb cycling events at: www.mtbmalaysia.com. If u are into road bike, then the biggest event of the year will be the Le Tour De Langkawi 21 Feb-2 March.

  2. For the 4 series bordering 5 series like yours truly, leisure rides in Putrajaya are something we look forward to on weekends! Keep up the goodwork!

  3. kalau boleh cuba dapatkan gambar yang sama besar dengan paragraph..baru cun bro :)

    1. Aku setuju tu. Kalau ada gambar sesuai dah tentu aku blow up maximum size. Comments noted with thanks :)


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